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VolitionRx Ltd. (VNRX)

Mission Statement: VolitionRx's goal is to make its non-invasive cancer blood tests as common and simple to use as existing diabetic and cholesterol tests on similar formats.

VolitionRx Ltd. is a life sciences company focused on bringing to market its inexpensive, accurate, and scalable cancer detection blood tests. The company intends to use its NuQ® suite of products to fill a looming void in cancer diagnostic testing, for which there currently is only one blood test in common clinical use.

NuQ® is based on VolitionRx's proprietary Nucleosomics® technology, capable of measuring and identifying nucleosome structures in the blood. The company has secured strong intellectual property protection for its products, further strengthened by patent applications in the United States, Europe and worldwide. Following ongoing clinical trials and regulatory approval, VolitionRx will market its diagnostic and screening tests for individual cancers under the NuQ® brand.

The company is currently conducting clinical trials for its first product, a diagnostic test for colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States - current tests are expensive, invasive and unpleasant, resulting in a significant need for an improved alternative for colorectal diagnoses.

VolitionRx's primary office and laboratory are based in Namur, Belgium, from which the company's strong team of professionals spearhead corporate initiatives. The company's executive management team is further supported by a scientific advisory board staffed with senior scientists from around the world, as well as a highly experienced board of directors.

Key Investment Highlights

  • Developing Revolutionary Blood-Based Cancer Diagnostic Tests
  • In Collaboration with Several Reputable Medical Institutions
  • Focus on Colorectal Cancer; 3rd Leading Cause of Cancer Death
  • Products Based on Proprietary Nucleosomics® Technology

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